Our Approach
to Nutrition

We are proud that every day millions of people choose our food to feed their families. As Europe’s largest frozen food company, it is our responsibility to help them make healthy and nutritious choices.

Obesity and health issues related to the food we eat are major concerns in today’s developed world. Across Europe, people are encouraged to eat more vegetables, fruit, wholegrains and fish in order to lead healthier lives.

Ever since we sold our first frozen peas and 60 years after we launched our iconic fish fingers, our core brands – iglo, Findus and Birds Eye – have been famous for their vegetables and fish.

While trends have changed, we have a long history of helping people eat more well balanced diets. In fact, today, 65% of the products we make and sell are fish or vegetables and a further 10% are chicken.

Stefan Descheemaeker

Stefan Descheemaeker,
CEO, Nomad Foods Europe

I’m immensely proud of our nutritious portfolio demonstrating our serious commitment to responsible nutrition.
Julie Watson

Julie Watson,
Head of Nutrition, Nomad Foods Europe

Hello, I’m Julie and I am the Head of Nutrition for Nomad Foods Europe. I really enjoy my job as it gives me the opportunity to help millions of consumers eat a balanced diet and therefore make a positive contribution to public health.

We implement a strong nutrition policy through a rigorous process in product development to make sure our innovations help consumers achieve a balanced diet more easily.

We do this by training all of our research and development experts in nutrition, including our chefs, and by applying strict nutrition guidelines to our recipes.

Our guidelines are rooted in independent expert advice from recognised nutrition authorities including the World Health Organisation.

We have adopted an externally recognised Nutrient Profiling Tool to assess the nutritional quality of our portfolio.

We feel good about the food we make and we hope that our commitment to nutrition makes you feel good about it too.

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