Principle One

Evidence-based nutrition is integral to our strategy, and as a company we’re guided by reliable science, expert policy and best practice

We are dedicated to only incorporating evidence based nutrition into our strategy, and we actively work with scientific experts and health bodies across Europe to assure that we are informed by reliable science, expert policy and best practice.

We are especially proud of our Nutrition Advisory Board – a group of independent nutrition science experts from our key European markets whom we engage with bi-annually. This provides a valuable opportunity to stay up-to-date with nutrition developments across Europe, to discuss topics relevant to our product portfolio, and to scope potential opportunities to strengthen our nutrition capabilities.

The Nutrition Advisory Board was integral to the selection of our internal corporate nutrition metric: the Nomad Foods Europe Nutrient Profiling Tool. This tool is verified and endorsed by independent nutrition experts from across Europe.

In addition to our Nutrition Advisory Board, we actively work with national diet improvement plans in our markets, such as the Norway Salt Partnership.

Case study: In conversation with the Nutrition experts

Our Nomad Foods Europe Nutrition Strategy is informed by a panel of leading independent nutrition experts selected from each of our key markets in Europe.

This independent Nutrition Advisory Board, initially set up in 2013, is a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration, as well as a forum for independent review and challenging of our work, and makes us unique amongst other European food manufacturers.

We believe that our Nutrition Advisory Board confers in us an advantage in developing our Nutrition Strategy, as it allows us to:

  • understand current dietary status across Europe
  • gain evidence-based insights in emerging food and nutrition research
  • interpret nutrition science to benefit our consumers

These insights in turn are applied to our products, innovation pipeline and consumer messaging, enabling us to contribute to improving dietary intake of key nutrients, and to help our consumers make healthier meal choices.

The Nutrition Advisory Board, chaired by our CEO Stefan, meets bi-annually with our R&D Director, Head of Nutrition, and other key colleagues, and is currently comprised of six of the most respected academic nutrition experts from our key markets, including:

  • Prof Helmut Heseker
    Professor of Human Nutrition at Paderborn University
  • Prof Judith Buttriss
    Director General of the British Nutrition Foundation
  • Prof Karl-Heinz Wagner
    Professor of Human Nutrition and Food Quality at the University of Vienna
  • Dr France Bellisle
    Nutritional Epidemiology Unit, University of Paris
  • Prof Ingvar Bosaeus
    Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the University of Gothenburg and Scientific President of Swedish Nutrition Foundation

From our open, interactive collaboration with our Nutrition Advisory Board, the experts have also been able to appraise the work we do at Nomad Foods Europe, specifically how we try to help consumers make healthier meal choices.

One of the greatest impacts of our Nutrition Advisory Board has been in verifying our Nomad Foods Europe Nutrient Profiling Tool. This tool is our internal corporate nutrition metric, and in selecting our finalised tool we looked at over 100 nutrient profiling models and tools.

Our final decision at the end of the comprehensive selection process was to adopt and minimally adapt the official UK government nutrient profiling model*.

This model was decided upon for a number of reasons, including that it was designed and validated by nutrient profiling experts from across Europe.

We have been commended by the Nutrition Advisory Board for our Nutrient Profiling Tool.

* UK Department of Health (Jan 2011), Nutrient Profiling Technical Guidance. Available at:

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