Pride in our Portfolio

We believe that there are very few food companies in Europe who can rival our product portfolio.

It’s why we believe we are uniquely placed as a food company to help address the nutrition challenges we all face, along with policy makers, governments and public health groups.

There’s a second reason why we believe we have a role to play in providing nutritious foods that can form the foundation of a balanced diet. It’s very simple. Freezing food locks in the nutrients.

Frozen food became a household staple in the 1950s, not only because more and more kitchens had a fridge and a freezer but because families needed nutritious and convenient food that tasted great.

People’s lives are changing faster than ever but our core brands – iglo, Findus and Birds Eye – are still loved by our consumers because we create affordable, nutritious and tasty recipes that they can cook and eat in a way that suits their lifestyles.

We feel it’s both our duty and our pleasure to be able to encourage people to eat more wholesome food that is nutritious and delicious!

75% of our portfolio is fish, vegetables or chicken

While we are proud that 75% of our portfolio is fish, vegetables or chicken, what we put into the remaining 25% of our portfolio is equally important to us.

We set the bar high for our internal nutritional standards and our R&D team play an important role in ensuring that these standards are embedded into everything we do. This means we truly provide our consumers with products that live up to our ambitions.

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