European category leader in frozen food

Good food makes everyone’s life better - that’s our philosophy at Nomad Foods Europe.

As the European category leader in frozen food, the company’s mission is to create a leading global consumer food company. We believe Nomad Foods Europe will grow because of our great tasting, nutritious food that makes consumers’ lives easier. Find out more about our growth strategy.

Our product range spans across a number of different frozen product categories including fish, chicken, vegetables, potatoes, bakery, ready meals and desserts and can be bought in supermarkets across Europe. Portfolios in each our 17 markets reflect the needs of the local customers and consumers thanks to our globally led but locally delivered organisation. Find out more about our company structure.

Our commitment to a sustainable future through our Forever Food Together 2025 programme means that we are responsibly sourcing and preparing our food, helping consumers make healthier meal choices and reducing food waste. Find out more about our approach to sustainability.