Our Growth Strategy

We believe that good food makes everyone’s life better and that Nomad Foods Europe will grow because of our great tasting, nutritious food that makes consumers’ lives easier.

Our growth strategy plays an important role in helping us to achieve our ambition to become a leading global consumer food company.

It’s a strategy that is built around four key components:

  • Creating brands that are distinctive
  • Innovation that breaks through consumer penetration barriers
  • Out executing in store through our category leadership
  • Driving and leveraging our scale

Creating brands that are distinctive

Our brands - Findus, Birds Eye and iglo - were the pioneers of frozen food and are still loved by consumers today. They have stood the test of time and are what set us apart from other companies. They became famous because of the passion of the people who built them over the decades and we share that passion today.

The world we all live in might have changed dramatically since our beginnings but our aim is still to inspire our consumers when they are shopping, cooking and eating. In our ever more digital and social world we know the importance of connecting with our consumers wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

While many of our products – fish fingers – can be bought across Europe, others reflect local taste – Schlemmerfilet in Germany or Minestrone in Italy. Both, whether international or local, are important to us. We believe that our local products play an important role in our portfolio and are one of the reasons our brands are loved. The one thing they all have in common is they are all as great tasting, nutritious and convenient today as they always have been. We call them our Must Win Battles and they are the focus of everything that we do.

Building brands is what drives us and we are lucky to have created some of the best and most memorable icons in the food industry. Whether it’s reinvigorating our icons which are already famous - the Captain or Croustibat for fish fingers, Blubb for spinach or Carletto for Sofficini – or creating new ones to help us tell our story, our aim is to continue to delight families and be part of their everyday lives, as relevant today as we were to previous generations.

Innovation that breaks through consumer penetration barriers

We know that people’s lives are changing and evolving faster than ever and that includes how they cook, eat and shop. We continually look to identify how these changes impact on our consumers and the barriers they may create. We want everyone, everywhere to enjoy our brands and foods as much as they ever have and to develop a lifelong appetite for a fish finger, frozen peas or cream spinach.

Understanding trends as they emerge, as well as the long-established consumer needs that aren’t changing, helps our brands and products to be as important a part of people’s lives today as they have always been. Our innovation is focused on improving the lives of our consumers whether that is developing new flavours and textures, food that can be cooked quicker, is even more nutritious or is easier to prepare.

All our products are created with our consumers in mind, whether totally new products such as chicken & fish Inspirations, Stir Your Senses meals and Speed Pockets, or old favourites with a twist such as wholegrain fish fingers and quick cook minestrone. Sometimes the improvements we make are as simple as adding a zip lock to a bag of peas or making our creamed spinach portionable for smaller households or to be used as an ingredient in other meals.

Although our food can be found in most people’s freezers across Europe, we believe that our approach to innovation will result in more consumers choosing frozen food more often for more meals.

Out executing in-store through our category leadership

Creating profitable partnerships with our customers is fundamental to achieving our goal of becoming a leading global consumer food company. Our brands pioneered the frozen food category and there are very few companies who can rival our knowledge and expertise, so we believe that we are the category’s natural leader.

This means that we work closely with retailers in all our markets to make sure that consumers are always aware of the benefits of frozen food - that it is good quality, affordable, nutritious food with little wastage - when making decisions about feeding their families.

Our vision for the category is focused on growing the frozen food category across Europe. We can do this by working with retailers to rejuvenate the appeal of frozen food with consumers, by improving the shopping experience, whether in-store or online, and by increasing the number of occasions when consumers think about choosing frozen food for meals.

Our category vision allows us to demonstrate that frozen food is a good choice for all meals in all of our markets as it reflects what we all have in common when we shop, cook and eat, as well as the local cultural differences that makes each country’s cuisine unique. This helps us to identify the occasions which are most important today but also allows us to map trends and new occasions which offer growth opportunities in the future.

We also know that the shopping experience plays a key part in how and what consumers choose to buy, so making it a pleasurable experience is crucial to our success. We aim to inspire consumers with a ‘Perfect Store’ for every retail channel, reflecting local market conditions and including the right products, pricing and promotional strategy for that channel.

Drive and leverage our scale

To realise our ambition of becoming a global consumer food company, we know that we need to be a streamlined organisation from source to shelf. As Europe’s largest frozen food company, our scale gives us advantages and we continually use all our resources and knowledge to their maximum benefit.

Our focus is on being efficient, without compromising on quality, in everything we do and our supply chain plays an important role in delivering our growth strategy and supporting our Must Win Battles. Our aim is to have the lowest cost operations in the food industry to create fuel for growth so that we are able to increase our investment in our brands and to offer our consumers the best quality food at a price they can afford.

How we source our ingredients from field and sea to fork is also important to us. We know that the choices we make have a real impact on the food industry as a whole and we take this responsibility seriously. We were founders of the MSC nearly 20 years ago and it continues to be an example of our commitment to sustainable food which is deeply engrained across the whole of our business.

Our scale helps us to build on our successes with our brands, innovation and retail partnerships as it allows us to transfer new ideas across countries rapidly. Our focus in on being agile, focused and fast moving which is made possible by our great people and their creativity, hard work and expertise.