Corporate Social Responsibility

Nomad Foods Europe, Corporate Social Responsibility

We are mindful of the fact that the world is vulnerable to fluctuations in the global food supply and will face food security challenges as the global population grows. This matters to our business because our brands have been feeding consumers across Europe for decades. They rely on us to provide them with food that is responsibly sourced and prepared, not subject to seasonal fluctuations in availability and quality and is tasty and convenient to eat.

Nomad Foods Europe approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development is expressed through our Forever Food Together 2025 programme. We work to provide a response to key macro issues in sustainable food development and through such responsibility we work towards being more sustainable.

We take responsibility and due care in our operations by working to meet defined standards that can be validated by third party or independent verification processes. These meet regulatory obligations, drive supply chain resilience, mitigate environmental impact and uphold social compliance across the supply chain.

For example we play a leading role in the development of sustainable food certification schemes such as those for Fisheries and Agriculture. We do this in partnership with many stakeholders including our own experts, fishermen, farmers, growers, suppliers, non-governmental organisations and policymakers.

Forever Food Together 2025 is thus a sustainability programme that meets real world sustainability macro issues, is a key part of brand equity development and value creation and is built around three goals.

Find out more about our Forever Food Together programme here.